Paula Neves received her MFA from Rutgers University-Newark. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Gávea-Brown Journal, Writers of the Portuguese Diaspora: An Anthology, PoetsWest Public Radio (, and Quiddity International Literary Journal. A 2014 Canto Mundo fellow, she has also received scholarships from the Luso-American Development Foundation, the Disquiet Literary Program and West Chester Poetry Conference. She is a featured reader in the Kale Soup for the Soul series, which has presented panels, readings and workshops nationwide. She teaches English composition and creative writing, once played (bad) guitar in a middle aged garage band (and may do it again) and blogs itinerantly at

from her poem The Catholic and the Mormon Who Met at Mardi Gras

“As if! Ah, silly girl, parthenogenesis is Mary’s deal,

and her son just a guy in one long dress,

and, despite appearances, I’m not the boy of my father’s eye—

just a girl who wants to find you again and proselytize.”

PaulASelfieFedora (2)



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