SEPTEMBER 8th: Olvard L. Smith

Olvard Smith is a 2nd year fiction student at the Rutgers-Newark Creative Writing MFA. He is currently working on a collection of linked stories set in his hometown, Hawthorne, California. His work has previously appeared in The Zodiac Review, Red Fez, Cobalt Review, and Fat City



From his Story, “Prince”:

Mom stared at him with her hard black eyes. There was a hard line in her jaw, too. I knew the expression well, the straight face of doom. Pops remained cool on the outside, chewing, swallowing, but it was all act. I also felt anger whenever I opposed Mom so I assumed that—like me—he nursed his injuries with resentment. His guilt, his shame, were bonding moments between father and son—not that we were actually bonding, but I felt closer to him anyway. Even so, his resistance to Disneyland confused me, but I couldn’t help sympathizing, an act that fueled my blind trust. I believed that Pops would follow through as husband, father, provider.


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