Born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ, Cindy Goncalves is an American-natured, Portuguese-nurtured twenty-something with a love for puns and sarcasm. Although she recently graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Psychology, she cannot read your mind or tell you what your dreams of losing teeth mean. She currently interns as a sex educator at a Newark-based non-profit where she plants the seed of sex-positivity into the minds of today’s youth. On her spare time, she enjoys talking about the effects of pornography and organizing her iPod.   cindy

from “It has been”
It has been 4 years,
5 months,
and 13 days since I last saw you smile.
I’m not talking about that half-assed, bullshit,
“Doing it because I know I should” smile.
I’m talking about that smile that
Used to fly from your spine and land its feet on the corners your eyes.
That smile you gave me
When I got that award you could barely pronounce
But carved every letter of it
Into the hug you wrapped me in,
Whispering, in your broken English
“I am so proud of you.”

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