Max Gray is a graduate of the Rutgers-Newark MFA program. His fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Conte, The Newer York, Jelly Bucket magazine, English Kills Review, and the Hawaii Independent. He thinks your mom is a nice lady. Follow him on Twitter @City_Sasquatch


FROM:  Clarence’s Genius Plan

“In the long run, Clarence didn’t see himself with Deedee. He didn’t see himself with anybody, really. This alone made seducing her a transgression. Her family had lived next door to his for as long as he could remember. This was a bit like a flock of hens living in harmony with a clutch of ducklings. Both families were so nice to each other it made him sick. Deedee fit in. She resembled her parents – domestically-oriented and optimistic. Clarence was the ugly duckling – brutish and clumsy and conspicuous.

When they were little, she used to come over to his house and they would have water gun fights. Her blonde pigtails whipped the air in bright arcs. Little girl Deedee wore a pink bathing suit and treated the Slip N’ Slide like it was a HALO jump over enemy territory. She was driven. Sometimes they wouldn’t even get wet, they’d just by the rotating sprinkler and talk. He couldn’t remember exactly what they talked about, but it was probably stupid.”

2014 all rights reserved


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