MARCH 9TH READER: Kimberly “Evolution” Crawley


Kimberly “Evolution” Crawley began her journey as a poet at a young age but it wasn’t until she became a student at Kean University that she saw the potential of what poetry could become.  It was at Kean where she first met a group of poets known as “Touch of Reality” and prior to that moment she had never seen poetry performed… everything changed.

Evolution first began to hit the stages as a regular at Toney Motley’s “Groove Drops” in Newark NJ.  It was there that she shared the stage on many nights with a young Taalam Acey and several other poets from the area.  During those days, there wasn’t an open Mic that Evolution was not signed up for as long as her feet could get her there.  Soon, she met a young play writer /poet “Vincent Toro” and joined with his band juxtapose.  Her experiences with the band led her to New York City.
One night after placing 3rd place out of over 1000 poets auditioning for an up and coming show “Def Poetry”, one of the judges happened to be the legendary Keith Roach.  He told Evolution, “you need to slam” and sent her into the direction of Rocky Lamontongia of the Nuyorican POets Cafe.  After weeks and weeks of winning; Rocky took his group of poets and emcees on the road and Evolution began touring the college circuit with other familiar performers such as Immortal Technique, Flaco Navaja, Wordsworth, Queen Herawin, and Aja Monet (just to name a few)..
Now, Evolution (a Camden NJ native) spends most of her free time writing and focusing on ways to bring art back to  her City. She uses her poetry to highlight the political flaws of Camden, a city raped by the Christie administration and currentlyfronted by the process of gentrification.

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