Ebeth Palamara holds a BA and an MFA both from Rutgers University. Her writing makes every effort to operate within the realm of realism. She currently works as a teacher and as a factory worker, and lives on a mountain with a large lazy dog.



Timothy Ruiz is a songwriter, singer, poet, and all around artist. He has been performing for 13 years, writing songs for 8 years, and learning new fields as often as possible. He has been a featured performer at Hofstra University, Utica College, the Nuyorican Poet’s Café, and the 2014 Jersey City TedX Talks. Timothy loves to inspire and be inspired, and he believes that with practice ANYONE can become great at whatever they want to do.



Melanie has been writing her whole life and rekindled her love of poetry when she joined Speaking Through Silence poetry club at Montclair State University to refresh from a schedule of starchy business classes and tiring extracurriculars. Upon graduating, she started working in sales for a presentation training company that helps people tell their stories in a compelling way. She hopes you like hers.


Mel with dog

Mel King grew up in Albany, New York and graduated from NYU. He is currently a Truman Capote Fellow in fiction at the Rutgers-Newark MFA program. He teaches English Composition and moonlights as a dog walker in Jersey City. His stories and personal essays have appeared in Wilde Magazine, T(OUR) Literary, and Mason’s Road. He is currently a 2015 Lambda Literary Writing Fellow in nonfiction and is working on a a memoir and a collection of short stories.


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